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What is the Imperial Silver Collection?

The Imperial Silver Collection is a museum containing highlights from the collection of silver tableware that was once used at the imperial court. A visit to the museum gives a fascinating insight into the world of court ceremonial, dining etiquette and table decorations. The exhibits come from the items previously held in the former Court Silver and Table Room. Many of these objects were in constant use during the monarchy. The collection includes the court table silver, centrepieces, glass, cooking utensils and table linen.

But isn´t the Imperial Silver Collection the same thing as the Imperial Treasury?

No. The Treasury is also in the Hofburg (in the Swiss Court), but houses the regalia of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire.

Did Empress Elisabeth really live here? Didn´t she live at Schönbrunn?

Yes, she really did live here. The Hofburg was the winter residence of the Habsburgs. When she wasn't away travelling, Empress Elisabeth resided on the main floor of the Amalia Wing, which can be seen on the tour of the Imperial Apartments. During the summer months the imperial family had the choice of their country seats at Schönbrunn and Laxenburg. Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth also frequently stayed at the imperial villa at Bad Ischl.

How did Empress Elisabeth spell the short form of her name - Sisi or Sissi?

Elisabeth was called "Sisi" within the family, and she herself always spelled her name with one "s". Thus, the correct spelling is "Sisi".The form "Sissi" comes from the famous series of "Sissi" films from the 1950s starring the young Austrian actress Romy Schneider. For the title of the films the director, Ernst Marischka, used the spelling "Sissi", which is how the name Elisabeth is usually abbreviated in Austria.

Was Maria Theresa the mother/wife of Emperor Franz Joseph?

She was neither the mother nor the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. Empress Maria Theresa was Emperor Franz Joseph's great-great-grandmother and lived from 1717 to 1780.

Are photographs/video cameras permitted?

Taking photographs and filming with flashlight causes serious damage to the tapestries and paintings. Since visitors in the past have ignored this problem, it has regrettably been necessary to introduce a general ban on taking photographs and filming in the Imperial Apartments. However, this is at present still permitted in the Imperial Silver Collection.
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Where is the Spanish Riding School?

The Spanish Riding School, also known as the Winter Riding School, is also within the Hofburg complex, adjacent to the Stallburg, where the Lipizzan stallions are stabled.

How do you get from the Imperial Silver Collection to the Imperial Apartments?

From the Imperial Silver Collection take the Kaiserstiege (Emperor's Staircase) to the first floor where the Imperial Apartments are located. Emperor Franz Joseph also used these stairs to get to his apartments, hence their name.

Are the Imperial Apartments a hotel?

Tourists often ask this question, as the word "apartments" suggests accommodation or somewhere to stay. Sorry to disappoint you, but the Imperial Apartments are not a hotel! They are the former residential and state apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and the residential apartments of Empress Elisabeth, which may be seen on a tour.

Can you buy postcards and souvenirs?

There are shops located at the beginning and end of the tour which stock a wide range of souvenirs. You can also order these items at our online-shop.

Are audioguides available?

Audioguides to the Imperial Silver Collection and the Imperial Apartments are available in 8 languages.
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