Christmas & New Year

Opening Times

Visit the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Collection during the seasonal holidays around Christmas and New Year. Open daily from 9.00 am to...

A new book about Empress Elisabeth of Austria, published by the Sisi experts Olivia Lichtscheidl and Michael Wohlfahrt, documents the life of the tragic monarch...

The exhibition focuses on the exceptional equestrian abilities and shows gorgeous exhibits from the property of the Empress.



The World of the Habsburgs

Teaserbild The World of the Habsburgs

The World of the Habsburgs is a virtual exhibition showcasing the history of the Habsburgs and their times. More than a thousand images accompanied by multimedia presentation of texts, maps, a genealogical table and a navigable timeline, will open up completely new contexts and connections.

World of the Habsburgs


Hofburg Vienna

In Sisi's footsteps, the Imperial home and household

For many centuries, the Vienna Hofburg was the centre of the Habsburg empire. Three museum attractions provide historically accurate insights into the tradition and daily life at court: the authentically-furnished Imperial Apartments, the tasteful Sisi Museum and the Silver Collection as a comprehensive collection of Imperial utilitarian objects.
The Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and the Silver Collection are amongst Vienna's top sights, attracting around 600,000 visitors each year.

Elisabeth - Empress and passionate horsewoman

Temporary exhibition in the Audience Waiting Room
10. June 2016 - 8. January 2017

The exhibition Empress Elisabeth – a passionate horsewomanfocuses on the exceptional equestrian abilities of the empress, who thought nothing of jumping English hedges and Irish ditches despite riding side-saddle, and also examines the risks she exposed herself to while engaging in this challenging sport. The painting of her pair of greys, Flick and Flock, which she had personally trained to perform circus tricks in her manège at Gödöllő, together with her riding crop and riding gloves from her childhood, are some of the exhibits that have been preserved as mementoes of her equestrian exploits.

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